Our Values

Pillars of Faith that we call our community
to live by as we follow Jesus


Family structures is one of the most important influences in the way we interact with Jesus, so we will fight for the sanctity of the family. We equally honor and challenge spiritual growth in both men and women alike. However, we are unapologetic in our passion to reach the men in this community and believe that when you unleash new purpose in the man, he will lead others to greater things.


True life change happens in the context of community and we believe that anyone serious about following Jesus needs to have a community of believers.

Uncivilized Approach

We seek to create an atmosphere of worship as we gather together
and know that the Enemy is aggressive to fight against it. Therefore, we cannot afford to be passive in the way that we spread the Gospel. Without compromising God’s Word, we will embrace change, together, and intentionally engage others through the power of Jesus Christ.


We challenge each other to strip ourselves of all facades in order to dress ourselves in authenticity. As we work to become who God wants us to be, we will embrace the fact that the naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie.


We believe that the greatest key to unleashing new purpose in every believer is to help them discover God’s design for life - that we grow as we serve those around us. We will work to create an army of servant-warriors rather than a cult of consumers.